J-Mighty Healing Pad Extra Large (Click to Order)


J-Mighty Healing Pad Extra Large (Click to Order)


About the Product

  • J-Mighty Healing Pad emit all natural far infrared rays and anions that go deep into the body to destroy the root causes of various body pain and discomfort. It can be used to treat cold hands and feet, knee pain, sprain ankles, shoulder pain, neck pain, wrist and elbow pain, back pain, back bruises, insomnia, stress, restlessness, fatigue, cramp, constipation and more.

  • In one week, you'll feel the difference-100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Far-infrared heat and anions relieve all sorts of body pain (shoulder, back, neck, wrist, etc) and stress. Helps with insomnia when used as a pillow.

  • Made with 100% all-natural activated charcoal, mineral stones, and sea salt from the Dead Sea. No electrical or hazardous chemical components. 100% natural.

  • Our JM products emit natural, beneficial rays and will not irritate the skin. Our products are all-natural.

  • Each purchase comes with 1 powder pad, 1 stone pad, 1 velcro cover, and 1 extra cover

Product Description

Size: Extra Large


Our healing pads are made with 100% activated charcoal, mineral stones, and imported salt from the Dead Sea of Israel. Our healing pads release more infrared and anions per unit area than that of any other product on the market. Our healing pads are therapeutic for all sorts of muscle pain, back pain, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, etc. The large amounts of anions released from our healing pads may reduce snoring, insomnia, fatigue, tension, and vitalized metabolism and overall health (healing pads can be placed alongside pillow during sleep). Our healing pads are completely natural, and therefore do not come with harmful side effects like those that come with using electrically-powered heating pads. 3 minutes of microwaving will generate at least 45 minutes of heat and infrared rays from healing pad. Directions: 1. Make sure both powder pad and stone pad are inside the pad cover with Velcro strap. 2. Microwave "mineral stone pad" for 3 minutes on medium heat setting (2 minutes on high). DO NOT microwave "powder pad." ONLY microwave "mineral stone pad." After use, you can reheat stone pad for 2 minutes. 3. Insert "mineral stone pad" into pouch. Make sure that the "powder pad" is closest to skin. 4. One first day of use, use 2-3 times a day, 40 minutes at a time. Once the pain starts to alleviate, use only once per day. 5. 3 minutes of microwaving will generate at least 45 minutes of heat and infrared rays from healing pad. Place the powder pad nearest to skin surface. Please use for at least 2 weeks (effects start as early as 2 - 3 days) to experience the health benefits of our healing pads. For more serious conditions, please use for at least 4 weeks to experience the health benefits.


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