(User-friendly directions)

* For medical use, it requires 1 powder pad and 1 stone pad.  If not in use, do not open. Other than the cover, everything is non-washable.

* Microwave instruction; (standard microwave): Heat up the stone pad only. Fold properly so it would not get caught during the rotation in the microwave. Heat up for 2 minutes first, then flip it over and heat up 1 more minute. 3 minutes total! If you want to reheat it after 50 minutes of use, heat it up again for 2 minutes only!

*Suggested Use: When in pain, use 2-3 times a day (morning, noon, and evening). After pain is relieved, use 1-2 times a day. Use at least 1 hour per use.

(Recommended Use: Put the powder pad facing the skin for the first 50 minutes. When re-used, reheat the stone pad for 2 minutes and put it on skin for 40 minutes. Either put the powder pad or the stone pad on the skin after reheating.

* Use according to parts with pain

(When having muscle pain such as waist, knee, or arm, use pain relieve cream like Ben Gay first before use. Therapeutic effect would me much faster.)

[Shoulder Poultice]: When having shoulder or neck pain, put it on the top of that part.

[When having wrist and palm pain]: Poultice should be done on the part with pain but should also be done on the shoulder (the circular muscle where the shoulder and arm meet) together on the same side where the pain is for faster treatment.

[When having waist or back pain]: Do not put the belt on your back during sleep. It will worsen the pain because of unbalanced position of your body.

 [Foot pain]: First, get a box bigger than a shoe box. Then put a thick towel on the box, place the heated stone pad on the towel, place the powder pad on the stone pad, and place your foot on top of the powder pad. To keep the warm temperature, use another thick towel to cover the whole foot. After 1 hour of use and wanting to re-use, reheat the stone pad for 2 more minutes and do the same. (In this case, you can take the powder pad away and just use the stone pad.)

 [knee pain]: 1 J Mighty healing pad cannot cover the entire knee and will not be effective. 2 healing pads are recommended. Put pain relieve cream first on the entire knee and use the cover with the string for the pads.

 [stomach poultice]: Position it under your navel (belly button) to cure symptoms such as bladder problem, prostate problem, constipation, diarrhea, menstrual pain, or any stomach related pain.

 [Gum swellness or ear disorder] (if not severe) can also be treated by putting the pad on top of the part during sleep. When pain is related to the nerve such as swellenss because of wisdom tooth, do not use. It will lead to more swelling.

For more effective treatment after solid cancer operations such as breast cancer, put the healing pad exactly on top of the part.

[Insomnia]: If not severe, put the powder pad on top of the stone pad (without heating them) and put beside your face while sleeping or use as pillow. If not effective, heat up the stone pad for 1-2 minutes, put the powder pad on top of it and use during sleep. In this case, use an eye patch. Strong infrared radiation can lead to dry eye.